This beautiful and moving tribute to the nation’s 16th president attracts millions of visitors annually. Like its fellow presidential memorials, the Lincoln was a long time in the making. Although it was planned as early as 1867 — 2 years after Lincoln’s death — Henry Bacon’s design was not completed until 1912, and the memorial was dedicated in 1922. Join Loba Tours for a tour in Washington DC to find out about one of Lincoln’s many legends!

A visit to the Lincoln Memorial is accommodated on almost any of the  Washington DC bus tours. It’s a powerful place to be on a DC day tour or on a night tour of Washington DC, now that the reflection pool is open again, the Lincoln Memorial returns as one  of the most commanding photo opportunities in the city. This memorial is included on the DC IN A DAY TOUR. DC AFTER DARK TOUR, ARLINGTON CEMETERY TOUR, and possibly on the ANYTIME TOURS and PRIVATE DC TOURS.

For a Washington DC guided tour, call Loba Tours, 202-536-5737

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