The highest tribunal in the nation, the Supreme Court is charged with the power of “judicial review”: deciding whether actions of Congress, the president, the states, and lower courts (in other words, of all branches of government and government officials), are in accordance with the Constitution, and applying the Constitution’s enduring principles to novel situations and a changing country. Arguably the most powerful people in the nation, the Court’s chief justice and eight associate justices hear only about 100 of the most vital of the 10,000 or so petitions filed with the Court each year. The Court’s rulings are final, reversible only by an Act of Congress.

The Supreme Court is a very unique visit on any private tour of Washington DC, unfortunately it is not accessible to any Washington DC bus tours because of security reasons. Even on private DC tours, the Supreme Court is generally a shorter visit on a DC itinerary, but is easily added because of its close proximity to the Library of Congress and the US Capitol. Not every tour in DC may decide to visit the Supreme Court, yet pulling up in front is always impressive and worth a little bit of time taking pictures or simply to show off the largest marble building in the world.

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