The Capitol Building centers a 450-acre Capitol Campus that includes House and Senate office buildings, the U.S. Botanic Garden, the Library of Congress, and the Supreme Court. Immediately surrounding the Capitol are 59 acres of beautifully kept grounds, landscaped originally in 1892 by Frederick Law Olmsted, who also planned New York City’s Central Park. Stroll these winding paths and admire the flower plantings and memorial trees. Before you get too close to the Capitol, stand back to take a look at the “Statue of Freedom,” the 19-foot-tall bronze female figure crowning the Capitol’s dome.

This magnificent building is excellent for tour buses in Washington DC, there are convenient loading / unloading areas with multiple options for short walks, photos, and extended tours. The US Capitol is American architecture and American Art, yet the building, its inhabitants, and its symbolism  defined a country,  it should be experienced at least briefly on any tour in DC. Loba Tours offers Washington DC walking tours, capital tours, and other Washington DC private tours. The US Capitol is a stop on the DC IN A DAY TOUR, DC AFTER DARK TOUR, and possibly the ANYTIME TOURS & PRIVATE DC TOURS.

For Washington DC guided tours, call Loba Tours, 202-536-5737.

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